The All New Night Bus…



I’m kind of new to this internet thing.  God I sound old … “Young man there’s a shiny sixpence and  Werther’s Original with your name on it if you can explain how I work this Instatwitteringpinfaceblog# thing”   but what I mean by that,  is really the social media side of things. Never felt the need to air my pointless incoherent ramblings in public (he said rambling incoherently).




I love technology and embrace it and what it does for us,  but I come from an age when we kept things to ourselves. Our telephones were tethered to the house, even public phones had their own private space, the telephone box that was much smaller inside than it was on the outside and could neither travel through time or space but did double as a toilet and a romantic setting for a shag. The amount of phone conversations I’ve had with my feet either side of a puddle of piss or a used condom,  or both over the years…




We never really aired our views outside our own circle of friends. The closest we got to Twitter was when Night Bus Nutter sat next to you on the way home and told you his views on everything from politics to music to self-help and spirituality…you would sit there and just nod ( mainly out of fear rather than any kind of agreement) as he told you that fucking knitting your own fucking yoghurt is the only fucking way to self enlightenment and that the government puts Alien DNA in the water and that’s why he only drinks cans of Special Brew or Tennents Extra (tipple of choice for the Night Bus Nutter) because there’s no way he’s going to be tricked in to swallowing alien jizz.  The Night Bus Nutter is scary and crazy and wants to tell you everything that’s going on in his alcohol-fuelled brain.




Twitter…the internet version of the night bus …people just talking out loud…it’s as if the internet has given your internal monologue a megaphone that has no off switch. The internet is the most important and powerful thing ever in the history of everything.
Governments seek to control it and monitor it because they know the power it holds now we are all globally connected.


With my phone, I could film an act of hate or an act of kindness that could be seen by millions of people in mere seconds.  I can highlight injustice and shine a spotlight on the evilness of complacency, change opinions, overthrow governments,  make a real tangible difference to lives of the people around me but first I’m going to take a picture of these awesome cheesy chips…#cheese #good #chips #great #cheesychips #amazing.


Don’t L to much OL … because we are just cyber cavemen at the moment,  painting pictures of our lunch and posting them on the cave walls…




You can buy these and many more cards, some of them even funnier (I know, how is that even possible?! It’s true!) from our ETSY store. Order now and beat the inevitable Christmas rush which will see my kids enslaved and sent on numerous Post Office runs, in the hope that my promise of a reward (in the form of chocolate) will materialise. (It won’t. Well it will, but I will scoff it myself while the little buggers are dawdling on their way back from the Post Office)


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