Over To You…


So by now, you have all seen our Acting Funny range of cards featuring some of our favourite movie and TV stars. (If you haven’t, where the fuck have you been? There’s our Etsy store, our Facebook page, our Twitter feed, our Instagram AND our Pinterest.)


Up until now, with a couple of notable exceptions, we have chosen the subjects for these cards. But here’s the thing – everyone’s taste is different. Crazy, I know, but some people don’t like Star Wars as much as I do. (We call those people idiots…)


Calm down, I don’t mean to their actual faces!! ANYWAY…we’ve decided to hand the reins over to you… you tell US which stars you would like to see on a card. Which movies, which scenes in particular. You can come up with your own joke or we will do it for you – just order your card and give us the information we need to find the scene you want captured.




And that’s not all. We are also offering bespoke photo manipulation at seriously affordable prices, just in time for Christmas. Send us your favourite family photo and we can work our Phil In The Box magic. Want your dad turned into a zombie? Check. Your nanna farting and looking secretly pleased about it? Consider it done. Your Mum uttering “fuck off” while your little brother cries like a girl? On it already. That photo of you and your besties on a night out, where you look amazing and they look like something the cat has dragged in? (Yeah I know you don’t already have a photo like that…but all you have to do is ask…)






Head over to our Etsy shop and place your orders now.


Think of us in the same way you would a tattoo artist, but for greetings cards. You describe it, we’ll conjure it up – as unique and as individual as you are, why wouldn’t you want impressive personalised cards?


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