Winter is coming.




Christmas is coming fast and winter is already here


We didn’t have all that good of a summer but by God we’re missing it now.


Of course, I live in Manchester. The frozen North. So close to The Wall, I’m practically a Wilding.


We’ve had hail and frost already this month. Surely snow can’t be far behind.


To Game of Thrones fans – and yes, I count myself among them,  “winter” and “snow” now have another meaning.


Nowadays, as well as “those months where riding my bike becomes precarious” and “no we’re not putting the heating on yet, put another jumper on”, they also refer to Jon Snow, a long haired,  petulant prince (of sorts) who apparently can’t die, (or at least stay dead!)  but just has to watch everyone he loves die in prolonged agony and turmoil.






He’s staying cheerful though – he’s not letting it get to him!



Maybe he could borrow a dragon from Daenerys, that would warm his cockles a bit.




Or at the very least work on being less impetuous  at times, stabbing first, asking questions afterwards doesn’t work out well for anyone.




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