Boxset Sunday


It’s Boxset Sunday!


No going out in the cold, no walking round the shops buying stuff you have to rather than want to; no house work, no actual work.


Watching boxsets has replaced Sunday lunch as my favourite Sunday pastime … yeah I said it, I went there. It’s better than roast potatoes ( no it’s not but it’s a close second).


The great thing is you can combine the two, which must be like eating in the great hall in Valhalla with Odin and his two sons Thor and Loki ( Vikings 2 box set last weekend ) – can anything compare to that?

I’m not saying I’ll watch a whole boxset in one go because Sunday as yet doesn’t have enough hours in it. Well, not until I’m in charge that is, then I will put that shit right for sure.

I’m not going tell you what the best boxsets are…Breaking Bad …Dexter….The Walking Dead…Battlestar Galactica…Game of Thrones … I’m just relieved there are too many to mention.



But there are rules – the boxset has to be a series with a continuous story, nothing with standalone episodes.


I’m a great fan of any of the Star Treks but if you can pick one episode from the middle and watch it without saying “who’s he and why did she shoot him?”, then sorry but it’s not a Sunday boxset…

Some boxsets are more difficult than others … because the boxset is a concentrated form of the series making it in to a very long film with intermissions.


Take 24 …. great watching it weekly but 12 hours in one go and you start to notice stuff, like each episode is meant to be in real time. One hour  in the life of Jack Bower… but …


1: It’s only 50 minutes long …the only conclusion I have come to, is that it’s allowing for his wee and poo breaks which we never see. (Thankfully!)

2: He’s so rude on the phone to the people helping him … no please or thank you and definitely no goodbye – he just hangs up!

That sort of behaviour would find him tied to a chair being tortured in no time … “Jack I’ve put up with your rudeness long enough…if you want me to send you the schematic of an air duct for use in your escape you’re going to have to ask me how my day’s been !!! ”


3. How the fuck have you got a phone signal in an underground base when I can’t get one outside the Co-op?!

And Downton Abbey is another one … if you watch one episode you have watched them all ( someone just rebranded Upstairs Downstairs if you’re old enough to remember that … it was before TV was good and around the time films were better).



To sum up …Boxset Sunday is the best thing to happen on Sundays since God said have the day off, so snuggle up, press play and enjoy!


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