My name is Phil and…

“My name is Phil and I am a geek.”


It’s been but three short hours since my latest act of geek-ness. I banged my head on the kitchen cupboard and my immediate thought was not “Fucking hell, that hurt, maybe I should seek medical attention!” but “I bet that would have killed a zombie from The Walking Dead” Negan took two swings a-piece to kill humans, Abraham and Glen with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, yet zombies apparently you can kill with a well-placed shot of an elastic band (does your skull get thinner when you become a zombie?) and why doesn’t anybody actually ever acknowledge that they are zombies!!!




Walkers, biters, creepers, lurkers, roamers, rotters, Katie Hopkins, blood bags, floaters, (if they’re in water, of course), dead ones, cold bodies, the undead. To be honest I made one of them up – blood bags was never a term used. But the fact remains that not once do they ever call them zombies! It’s like horror films never existed before the zombie apocalypse.




You see, you know where you are with the term zombie… it clearly can mean only one thing. Walker is somewhat ambiguous. All too easily you could find yourself sticking a sharpened fence post through the head of some old dear in a Cagoule carrying two Nordic walking poles on an otherwise uneventful stroll across the Peak District.



You see? All of that from a simple bang on the head. That’s an example of how your mind works when you’re a fully-fledged card carrying geek.



The first step to getting better is acknowledging you have a problem… My name is Phil and I am a geek.







Footnote – #NaNoWriMo Day 2 achieved! Why yes, I am sounding smug and with good reason! I hope you checked out yesterday’s offering and I do hope you’ll return tomorrow and subsequent days. We’re here all month!!



You can view (and buy…go on, you know you want to!) these and many, many more of my cards and posters from my Etsy shop. We offer a speedy service and our speciality is bespoke items. Check it out!



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