And the geeks shall inherit the earth…

I love technology, I really do … it’s amazing what we can do today that we couldn’t forty, thirty, or even as little as twenty years ago ..for instance I can now divide a restaurant bill taking into account that someone else had the prawn starter …. no more splitting equally five ways for me!!

I have an app on my phone that tells me precisely what a lazy lard arse I am (always dreamed of such a device, now I get one free with my phone). It tells me how far I’ve moved, how fast I’ve moved, how many steps I’ve taken and the number of stairs I’ve climbed … most of the time I think it assumes I’m dead.

I see the new iPhone and look at it in wonder, like a Victorian urchin looking excitedly through a toy shop window. That, in itself is a worry because the new iPhone looks exactly the same as the one I’m holding in my hand and looking at it on.

All this stuff is great but we don’t know how any of it works. If as a kid I’d asked my dad how the hoover or the iron worked,  he would patiently explain, in incredible detail,  using words like elements and vacuum. If my kids ask me how my phone works I’ll use words like magic and pixie dust or the perennial favourite, “just because it does!”

How things have changed …. look who’s getting sand kicked in their faces now… but it’s not sand,  it’s jagged silicon chips and the geeks have inherited the earth.


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